TDSA supplies a number of specialised, imported and in some cases regulated products and we endeavour to be as open and transparent with our Customers as possible regarding leads times and ETA's. That being said, while we do everything in our power to ensure that deliveries run as efficiently as possible, delays do happen from time to time. 

Lead Time Descriptions on the TDSA website:

In Stock: This means that our system indicates that we have at least 1 x unit of that particular item available for sale at one of our warehouses and the relevant estimated time it will take to pack and despatch the order from our warehouse is also indicated.

Pre-Order/Backorder: This means that we do not currently have stock of that particular item available for sale at any of our warehouses and the relevant ETA (Estimated time of arrival.) to our warehouse is also indicated.

Please note: If you choose to collect your order from a TDSA branch, please allow 1 - 5 extra days for the order to arrive at the TDSA branch.

If you want to order from a TDSA branch rather than online, please contact the relevant TDSA branch to confirm their specific stock availability here: How Do I contact TDSA?

What is an ETA? 

An ETA is an "Estimated Time of Arrival" at the main TDSA warehouse. We base our ETA's on all the relevant information available to us by all relevant parties in our supply chain (Manufacturers, suppliers, logistics and transport partners, Customs etc.) at that point in time. As a result, ETA's can and do change from time to time. We do our best to update these as and when possible.

It is important to note however that due to the myriad of factors and links in the supply chain that it is not always possible to provide exact or accurate ETA's. This is unfortunately a reality of the supply, manufacturing and import/export of goods and products today.

Ordering Cycle:

We have over 120 supply partners based locally and abroad and as one can imagine, this takes a great deal of co-ordination. We order daily from some suppliers and once every 4 - 8 weeks from others. Sometimes a supplier doesn't have stock of an item(s) when we place an order and this will in turn affect the arrival time for that item. This may only affect the order by a day or 2 in the case of a daily ordered products, but it may push the arrival time out by several weeks for an international item.

We do our utmost to inform affected Customers of these changes in ETA as and when they happen.

Should you have a time sensitive order or requirement, we urge you to contact your nearest TDSA branch and they will advise and assist you accordingly.

Please also see: Why did the website tell me that a product was in stock?

The TDSA website is open 24/7, 365 days a year at