TDSA imports and supplies a wide range of firearm parts, spares and accessories from

We are able to import most firearm related parts, magazines and accessories listed on the Brownells website with a few exceptions such as firearms themselves, ammunition and other regulated items. Certain brands can also not be exported due to international trade agreements.

We have gone ahead a listed a number of items on our website and we will be adding more as time goes on. Please feel free to take a look at the items here:

If you are looking for something specific and you do not find it on our website, please goto and  email the Item Description, Brownells Part # and the Manufacturer Part # for the items that you are looking for to your nearest TDSA Branch or We will then confirm export eligibility for the item(s) and send you a quote to import the items for you.

Please note that importing firearm and related parts is a time and admin intensive process. These items will be specially imported and very often, specific licensing will need to be applied for and issued before the item(s) can ship from the US. As a result, orders could take quite some time to arrive in SA. (Please allow for at least 4 - 12 weeks.) This is also an expensive process, especially when importing smaller special order shipments.

This service is aimed at individuals who are looking for very specific or rare and otherwise locally unavailable parts, spares and accessories.    

It is the responsibility of the Customer to do research and confirm compatibility of the product(s) ordered with the item(s) it is intended for. TDSA cannot and will not be held responsible for special ordered items that have compatibility or similar issues due to incorrect ordering.

TDSA reserves the right to decline returns/refunds in this regard.

The TDSA website is open 24/7, 365 days a year at